About Me

Hi fitness fans,Heavy_Dumbbells_200_pound

I am Kyle, the founder of Natural Muscle Gains. I do not have a degree in nutrition or a personal training or any health field for that matter. I am just a guy who loves to work out. My particular area of interest is bodybuilding. I have been fascinated with it since a very young age. I am always researching and testing out new ways to build muscle, but not just any kind of ways. I am a strong advocate for staying natural, with overall health being a primary concern.

My goal for this website is to provide you with information from my own trial and error experiences as well as from research I have done. There is no doubt that what works for one person may not work for another, whether it be nutrition plans or workout plans. My focus is providing you with a variety of nutritional and workout advice that has been proven to work as well as recent findings that are interesting and have potential. It is up to you to test my advice for yourself and see what will result.

Short Summary About Me

Throughout the years I have tried nearly everything I came across that sounded legitimate, whether it be related to diet, supplements, or workout plans. I have hit many obstacles along the way, but also have found ways around many of  them.

I love to learn about the body and how it works. Learning about how different movements impact different muscles is a must for me and should be for anyone in fitness (bodybuilding in particular). I have acquired many of my exercises through research online, but have also tweaked movements hear and there through trial and error.

When researching supplements I look into all active ingredients and find out their importance. In fact, I am currently mixing my own pre-workouts from pure ingredients that I have purchased in bulk (cheaper this way). I am constantly trying to find what works best for me.

I hope to help avoid mistakes that I have made so that you can experience muscle growth faster. I have hit many plateaus along my journey and they can be devastating. In fact after the first couple years of weight training I ended up stuck in a plateau for over a year. I thought to myself: “Is this really the most muscle I can attain?”. It made me want to give up at that point but I didn’t and who would have known that all I had to do was change up my workout style a bit.

Anyway. This is my site. I hope you enjoy your time here and also can reap benefits from my experience and knowledge.

Feel free to comment about your own stories and knowledge you may have on the subject. You may also ask any questions.

Best regards,


Founder of Natural Muscle Gains