Best Bicep Peak Exercises

By | November 2, 2015

Arnolds bicepHave you ever seen someone with biceps that come to a peak at the top when flexed? Well there are certain techniques to bicep training that lead to peak development. I want to share with you some of what I have found to be the best bicep peak exercises. First let me explain where the “peak” of the bicep comes from and how to engage that particular area of the bicep more.

The peak comes from the brachialis, which is one of two heads of the bicep. It is the long head and is situated on the outer-part of the bicep. Three great bicep exercises to activate more of the brachialis are reverse grip curls, hammer curls, and close grip EZ-bar curls.

The more your hands are rotated inward (palms facing down=fully rotated inward) the higher percentage of work the bracialis will be doing in the movement. So with the three exercises I will be covering the bracialis recruitment is highest in the reverse grip curls, then hammer curls, then close grip EZ-bar curls.


Reverse Grip Curls

Of all the variations of curls this exercise is going to recruit muscle fibers in your brachialis the most.Reverse Grip Curls


In this exercise you will grip a barbell, dumbbells. or a single plate with your palms facing down and just like any curl, curl up contracting your biceps and then down. If you are using dumbbells do not rotate them, keep the level with your palms facing down throughout the No Heavy Loadmovement.


With this movement your wrists are going to be in a weak position and incapable of supporting a large amount of weight. With that said, light to moderate weight should be used. You can decide yourself the weight you want to use, but I would not use a weight you cannot get 10 reps with.


Hammer Curls

Although this exercise recruits a lesser percentage of the brachialis part of the bicep than the reverse grip curls, I
would have to say it is my favorite exercise to develop a nice bicep peak.


The motion is simple here, just grip dumbbells with your palms facing in and curl up then down. Just to be clear the dumbbells should be in a vertical position in the top of the movement and a forward/back position at the bottom (palms facing in the entire time). Also, I have found that using a tricep bar for hammer curls works great, as your palms also face inward with this.


Alright here is why I love this exercise so much. You can really load up the weight here if you’d like. You don’t have to worry about your wrists giving out with this movement, as they are in a stable position. You can go as heavy as your heart desires with this. Light or heavy weight with this exercise is a great tool to developing nice brachialis peaks.


Close Grip EZ-bar Curls

Ok, so even though your wrists are not rotated inward on this movement you are still going to get a great brachialis EZ Bar Curlactivation. Your palms are going to be facing up slightly, but the key is the close grip. Because you are gripping the bar close, you are naturally pulling outward and up as you contract your biceps. Since the brachialis is situated on the outside of the biceps the outward/upward pulling is going to be giving them a great workout.


You first need an EZ-bar. Grip the bar in the close grip hand position with your palms facing slightly inward/upward. Then you should know the rest (up down).


Like the hammer curls you can use pretty heavy weight here which is another reason why I like this movement. I would advise using a weight where you can get anywhere from 8 to 15 reps.


Next Step

If you are not already doing these exercises then give them a try. If you are anything like me then all three of these will really help bring up your peaks. So at least give them a try and see how it works for you


Let me know what you think.



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