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By | November 17, 2015

Spirulina is undoubtedly beneficial to health in many ways. It has been shown to increase muscular performance and has been used by the Chinese and Cuban Olympic teams for years.

For those of you looking to buy spirulina here is a list of some of the top products on the market that contain top quality and raw spirulina (no fillers). This is a big deal because purity varies depending on the many different growing conditions as well as production methods that are used by different companies.

First on the list is products of the powder form. Why buy organic spirulina powder? Because these products represent spirulina in its rawest form. Simply harvested from the waters, dried, and then stirred.

Powder Spirulina Products

spirulina powder Maju Superfoods Spirulina Powder

This product is as raw and natural as it gets. Maju keeps it clean with this non-GMO product grown in the great state of California. Its rich green color, fine texture, and pleasant taste let you know that what you are getting is quality.

Amount – 1 pound (454g)

Servings – 151 (1 teaspoon=3g)

Price – $26.95


spirulina powder

Triquetra Health Organic Spirulina

Triquetra Health really brings quality spirulina powder to the table with this product. It is certified organic by the USDA, Naturland, OCIA, and Ecocert (major food organizations). This spirulina is of the purest nature and is grown without the aid of chemical fertilizers. Using only nutrients that are plant-based, this spirulina is truly organic.

Amount – 1/2 pound (225g)

Servings – 75 (1 teaspoon = 3g)

Price – $26.97


bulk supplements spirulina

BulkSupplements Pure Spirulina Powder

Bulk Supplements is well known for their purity and quality supplements with just about every sports nutrition supplement you can think of in bulk powder. With their lab verified guaranteed pure spirulina powder they also offer an extremely low price. The downside that many people have on this product is that it is made in China. However, it is tested for heavy metals and impurities with a certificate of analysis to prove it.

Amount – 8.82oz (250g)

Servings – 27 (9 grams each)

They recommend higher serving dosage than others; if you took 3 gram servings it would last 81 servings

Price – $14.96


Spirulina Tablets

If you are hesitant to get the spirulina as powder because of the taste then you should buy spirulina tablets or capsules. Spirulina tablets come in small easy t0 swallow sizes. They have virtually no taste as you swallow them. 

spirulina tablets

Triquetra Health Organic Spirulina

Triquetra Health uses the same truly organic spirulina in their tablets as they did with their power. The only difference is it is pressed into small tablets for easy consumption. This spirulina is grown without chemical fertilizers, only plant based nutrients are used here.  It is also certified organic by four major food organizations which include the USDA, Naturland, OCIA, and Ecocert.

Amount – 120 tablets (480g)

Servings – 30 (4 tablets = 8g)

Price – $19.57


spirulina tablets

Nutrex Hawaii Pure Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica

Nutrex Hawaii brags of their spirulinas antioxidant quality being twice as much as other spirulina products. This spirulina is is produced using an patented Ocean Chill drying system. The whole process, from the ocean to the bottle, only takes 30 minutes keeping it as fresh as possible. The bottle is also glass made, due to research that shows that with a plastic bottle oxidation occurs which will destroy nutrients. Not only does the bottle decrease oxidation, but there are also oxygen absorbers inside the bottle. This product is guaranteed fresh.

Amount – 200g (400 tablets)

Servings – 66.6 (6 tablets = 3g)

Price – $15.00


Spirulina Capsules

Like the tablets, spirulina capsules are more for the people looking to get all of the benefits from this super-food without all the “nasty” taste, as some customers describe it. The capsules are your best bet to keep far away from that taste, with the spirulina packed inside a small easy to dissolve capsule.

spirulina capsulesBRI Nutrition Spirulina

BRI Nutrition brings you quality spirulina inside a healthy vegetarian capsule with this product. These capsules are manufactured in the in FDA inspected labs in the United States. The extraction and encapsulation process used in production is state of the art to ensure potency. If you are not satisfied BRI will refund 100% of the price paid.

Amount – 120 capsules (60g)

Servings – 30 (4 capsules = 8g)

Price – $15.88


spirulina capsuleReal Herbs Spirulina Capsules

Real Herbs brings to you spirulina harvested from specific regions known for purity. These capsules are produced in the USA under GMP criteria in a FDA approved lab. Real Herbs does not sacrifice the nature of this product with synthetic capsules, all capsules are made from vegetables. The quality is real with this product and it shows in its customer reviews. This is a great buy.

Amount – 50 capsules (37.5g)

Servings – 50 (1 capsule = 750mg)

Price – $21.70




If you are wanting spirulina at its rawest go with spirulina powder. This can be used in a variety of different smoothie and drink recipes. If you can’t handle strange tastes you should purchase tablets or capsules. Both tablet products listed should be nearly tasteless, if not completely tasteless as you swallow. But to play it safe go with the capsules for ensured tastelessness.


If you have tried any of the products be sure to give your opinion by commenting below. Also if you want spirulina recipes (with the powder) let me know.

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