Foods with Leucine – The Best of Them

By | November 29, 2015

Leucine is an essential branch chain amino acid (BCAA). It is very important if you are looking to build muscle due to its capability to increase protein synthesis. To read more about leucine’s importance visit this post on leucine: 

If you want to save some money and increase your leucine intake without buying supplements then you need to incorporate these foods with leucine in high amounts. Note: there are many more foods with leucine out there. These are just some of the more common foods with high leucine content.

1. Eggs (raw)Usda_eggs

  • 1.086g leucine per 100g
  • 1 large egg (about 60.95g) = 0.66g leucine





2. Tuna (canned)tuna2

  • 2.64g leucine per 6oz (170g) canned tuna






3. Cottage Cheese (low fat)Cottage_Cheese

  • 0.4g leucine per 1oz (~28g) portion
  • 1 cup serving = 3.23g leucine






4. Parmesan Cheeseparmesan-cheese

  • 0.97g leucine per 1oz (~28g) cheese
  • 1 cup = 7.76g leucine







5. Beef (95% lean)beef

  • 2.9g leucine per 6oz (170g) of steak
  • 3 0z serving = 1.45g leucine





6. Chicken Breastchicken-breast

  • 2.9g leucine per 6oz (170g) of chicken breast
  • 3 0z serving = 1.45g leucine




7. Tilapiatilapia-fish-1398846

  • 1.8g leucine per 100g tilapia
  • 4oz fillet (common) = 2.016g leucine







Incorporate these common foods into your diet to boost your leucine intake.

I, myself, am a spirulina advocate and this happens to contain a great deal of leucine. So you may want to consider this. Although not a common food, it contains 1.51g leucine per ounce which is more than any of the above foods.


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