Workout Muscle Every Day – My Personal Experience

By | December 17, 2015

Have you ever heard of working out the same muscle every daworkoutmuscleeverydayy to bring up and build lagging body
parts? It is a lesser known way of training that is
slowly being more and more recognized. There haven’t been any scientific studies to prove this method worthy, but I personally can vouch for this training method as it has helped me bring up both my traps and biceps.

Have you ever seen people that have extraordinary muscles just from going about a daily work (not workout) routine. If it is in someone’s line of work to push heavy wheelbarrows around everyday then chances are they have overdeveloped traps and biceps. You see examples like this all the time and don’t even realize it. Using the same muscles over and over again day after day leads to overdeveloped muscles compared to others.

My Experience

As I said earlier I have used this “everyday” method for both my traps and biceps. The reason I chose to work these two muscle groups was because they were both lagging and nothing I was trying seemed to help bring them up to size.


I started out with my trap training. The length of my routine was about a month and a half. I would only spend about 15 minutes per day on on this muscle group. After my normal workout I would perform what was basically one huge dropset/superset which consisted of different shoulder shrug variations. Basically I would pick a weight that I could rep out about 30 times. I would go to failure each time. So to start I would do 30 reps, set the bar down (very briefly), do more until failure, set bar down (briefly), and repeat this until 15 minutes was up.

What I noticed with this method was this: during the month and a half that I was working my traps out every day, they always seemed to have somewhat of a pump. They were bigger in size right off the bat from the pump, but it wasn’t until after that I saw the real gains. After this period of everyday trap workouts I took over a week break from direct trap workouts (still did my usual back and shoulders which works traps, but not directly). Then I resumed back to my normal routine where I would train every muscle about once every 5 days. It was at this time that my traps really started to develop and this time it wasn’t just a pump, it was real muscle.

Since my traps had always been lagging behind and the fact that this “everyday” method was the only change in my workout routine, I can without a doubt attribute my trap muscle growth to this method.


I didn’t try this method with my biceps until a while later. Biceps I trained slightly differently than traps but got the same good results.

I performed lower reps during my “everyday” workouts for my biceps due to the range of motion. Bicep curls (any variation) have such a larger range of motion than shoulder shrugs. So you would do less repetitions for biceps to have the same time under tension as that for your shoulder shrugs.

I would usually pick a weight I could do about 15 to 20 reps with and workout with it for 15 minutes just as  I did with my  trap work.

The results were virtually the same. After my week or so break I resumed my normal workout routine and saw gains shortly thereafter.

Tips for “Everyday” Training

Because this method can be quite taxing on the particular area you are training, I would suggest using fairly light weight. As you see from my example I chose a weight I could do 30 reps with for my trap workouts and 15-20 reps for my bicep workouts.

Focus more on a pump rather than strength, and forget about form. Train “piston” style. Train how you have to in order to pump as much blood into your muscles as possible.

Using a light weigh and focusing more on a pump will beat your muscles down day after day, but it won’t be overly hard on your joints.

Try it for Yourself

Its really not as bad as you think. Just throw it in at the end of your normal workouts. You can count it as cardio if you want because its going to leave you out of breath.

Try it for any muscle you want. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work other muscles other than the ones I have tried.

Remember the basic structure is this: Workout same muscle everyday (I would suggest at least a month and a half as I did), take a break from directly working out this muscle (a week or so), then resume your normal training routine and watch your gains happen.

The evidence of this method working is all around you from people that are not even trying to build up their muscles. If you specifically try to build your muscles like this you will make gains as I did. So give this method a try if you are stuck at a plateau or you just want to bring up some muscles.


If you have any questions or comments about this method comment below.





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